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Full DC frequency conversion technology, intelligent control function helps to adjust the output capacity.

Full DC frequency conversion technology:

Full DC conversion technology, intelligent control functions help adjust the output capacity so that the unit stays at your desired temperature level without fluctuations, reducing the temperature fluctuation range by 72%. Whether it's summer or winter, the system keeps your home comfortable and is especially beneficial for the elderly and children who are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, meeting the living conditions you want.

Waterproof dc motor

Outdoor DC waterproof motor design, can prevent moisture intrusion, but also effectively prevent water and leakage and other safety hazards, the use of more stable and reliable effect. Dc motor has better dynamic balance, reduce turbulence noise, heat pump efficiency is greatly improved.

R410A Environment-friendly refrigerant

Run with ozone-safe R410A environment-friendly refrigerant.


Wide temperature range

-13°F(-25°C) Minimum heating ambient temperature

5°F(-15 ° C) Minimum cooling ambient temperature

Intelligent and fast defrosting technology

Silent defrosting technology does not attenuate heat, and the indoor temperature is constant

* 2 minutes efficient and fast defrosting technology

* Heating time exceeds 90 minutes

* The indoor temperature is stable and comfortable.


Acoustically designed high-density compressor muffler cotton, double layer design and edge treatment, waterproof can achieve quiet operation.

Original control system

Using the original design of the drive board and its unique control logic, so that the compressor has a more suitable operating conditions. More stable operation and longer service life.

Double rotor variable frequency compressor is adopted

The technology synergy between the two-rotor variable frequency compressor and the inverter is a key factor in the unit's optimal performance, which can improve energy efficiency and save more costs.


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